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South Africa s Negroid Horror the WHITE GENOCIDE

What will a White minority in North America look like? Just look at South Africa for your answer! Every White nationalist should be training in self-defence for the struggle ahead. As in South Africa, our anti-White government and police forces will look the other way while Whites are violated. We must be prepared to defend ourselves26000 whites murdered since 1994

The live whites have reduced from about 5 million to about 3 million in the period 1990 to 2003

We are less now.

That means about 0,75% of the population has been murdered.

That is about 1 in every 150

I am not sure of stats but I can guarantee you that every single white South African has been the victim of violent crime AT LEAST once.

Those who say they haven't are lying... I secretly hope that we will be able to offer some organized help to the SA people soon.
Some place we need to break the tide of color walking over us and SA might be the ideal location.
If the White Population of SA and Rhodesia could be pulled out from the mixed race environment the black society down there would start rapidly shrinking. Give them a decade or two and they would be unable to sustain their numbers against AIDS and food shortages.It is so terrifying the genocide that is taking place there, and the great tragedy is also that you get so little support (if any) from the Western world. Our countries readily accept black people from Africa as refugees but I hear it is extremely difficult for persecuted white people to get sanctuary. As usual, brainwashed white people seem to care for everyone else except their own. They have been told what a refugee is supposed to look like, and a white person doesn't fit the stereotype.

Media is also extremely silent, and that is probably since the jews who own it don't mind too much. What other reason could there be? They simply choose not to report it because they secretly endorse iMost people are unaware of what is really happening in SA. The media and schools refuse to cover it.

One thing that everyone can do is let as many people as possible know what is going on. Referrals to websites would help with this. The MSM in South Africa will wax lyrical about the terrible "crime spree" but they will never ever ever say it is orchestrated even if the crime stats the government doctored and released in August shows that violent crimes are PRIMARILY aimed at whites in white suburbs....

Even then they refuse to acknowledge the truth. It is scary for Whites when people like Mugabe in neighboring zimbabwe come into power..and I have also heard that the communist chinese are now starting to colonize there while the blacks are turning a blind eye to them being who knows what kind of future the remaining Whites will have..

Die, The Beloved Country This world is not some kind of fantasy land of “multicultural bliss” regardless of what any of you liberals and New Agers want to think. It’s nature, as in “red in tooth and claw,” with race being more important than you will ever admit, but know well, deep in your heart.

A genocide in South Africa

METALLICA PERFORMING ST. ANGER/LIVE IN STUDIO/ENJOY IT                                  A MOST PROBABLE FUTURE FOR THE UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN AS WELL.                 Having lived in SA and being Dutch I can say there's no relation between the two anymore, except for a common parent language. What I'm saying is that White South Africans dont give a **** what's going on in Netherlands, and Dutch people don't really care what's going on in South Africa. Most Whites that migrate out of SA do so to England by the way. Why should we care about South Africa , New Zealand, Australia, Latin America etc. ? Dutch people live all over the world. Why would Germans care about Namibians ? Everyone got their own problems.

That's just how it is. If Europe gets Islamized thats dangerous for jews in europe.

3. Some People are fed up with political correctness and non-reporting of non-white crime.
If one continues to ignore this they might turn to the extremists who get the wrong ideas about jews.
So its better to teach them that jews actually are the ones who are fighting against the political correctnes instead of the ones who installed it.

And then Wilders said about South Africans asking to return to the Netherlands that he is too busy right now to respond........
I think Wilders cares about Jews in the Netherlands, nothing more. If he can replace Muslims with some blacks that will be even more violent but wont have any anti-semitic ideas and wont attack jews particularly, than he will. Its Because he doesnt care about non-Jewish Dutch in the long run.  White South African family has asked far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders for help in getting citizenship in Holland, noting their ancestral lineage there as a way to escape growing racial violence back home. EUGENE TERRE BLANCHE.WATCH IT
“We want to go back to where we came from: Holland,” 43-year-old Lara Johnstone told Dutch newspaper the Algemene Dagblad. She and her two brothers, aged 37 and 41, are seeking repatriation.
Johnstone says her forebears, the Bosmans, left Amsterdam in 1707 to settle in the Western Cape.
The Algemene Dagblad goes on to quote Durbanite Len van Eeden, 40, who claims Dutch ancestry dating back to “around ’0″, saying he was “very worried” about race relations in South Africa.
“We are stuck here in South Africa. We are getting worried. We do not have extreme right-wing ideas, but are simply ‘moderate Whites’,” he said. He said the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre’Blanche got him thinking about his future.
The move follows the successful petition for refugee status in Canada by White South African Brandon Huntley, who claimed racial persecution.
In a petition sent to Wilders this week, the Johnstones asked if the leader of the Partij Voor de Vrijheid (Party for Freedom, PVV) can assist “White Afrikaner refugees with Dutch ancestry” to attain Dutch nationality.
Wilders’ public relations consultant, Gaelle de Graaff, said the party leader was “very, very busy preparing for an election” and would not have time to respond to inquiries about the issue.

Kees van der Staaij, SPG
“The Dutch government ‘has a very special responsibility towards all South Africans of Dutch descent,” said Kees van der Staaij, chairman of the Staatkundig-Gereformeerde Party (SGP).
“If they are targetted by violence, they should also be accepted as asylum-seekers in the NETHERLANDS.

What do a Boer’s words from South Africa in 1926 have to say about today’s world?
Nicolaas Pieter Johannes “Siener” van Rensburg (August 30, 1862 – March 11, 1926) was a Boer from the South African Republic -also known as the Transvaal Republic- and later a citizen of South Africa who is seen by some as a prophet of the Boere (or Afrikaners). Therefore his nickname soon became Siener, which is Afrikaans for “seer” or “soothsayer”. His seemingly accurate predictions of future events were typically wrapped in religious patriotism.
Visions The nature of his visions invariably concerned the welfare of the Boere and Germany and were experienced by him as visual imagery to be interpreted afterwards. When the image of the Sisal plant occurred in his visions, he for instance interpreted this as a portend of an important meeting, assembly or parliament. He is believed by some to have made many accurate predictions of local events, including foretelling the death of Koos de la Rey, a general in the Second Boer War, and the political transition of South Africa after his own death. At times his visions also concerned international events, among which the start of World War I and the rise of Communism. He was unable to interpret some of his own visions. These, written down, are still open to interpretation, and believed by some to pertain to future events.
Prophecies from 1899 until his death in 1926:
Fulfilled:* The outcome of the Boer War.
* The Great ‘Flu epidemic of 1918.
* England’s loss of all her colonies.
* Independence for Ireland.
* The atomic disaster at Chernobyl on April 26 1986.
* Lady Di’s death The divorce and tragic death of “a beautiful English Lady in a car accident who would be mourned by the whole world.”
* Civil war in Bosnia.
* Dr HF Verwoerd, former Prime Minister, will die at the hand of a close friend.
* The release of Nelson Mandela by ex-President FW de Klerk.
* The Necklace Murders by blacks against blacks
* South Africa will be governed by a black government.
Not fulfilled yet (scan the topics and read what you wish)

* Japan will be destroyed by earthquakes.

* Ethnical violence in Russia and Europe
Actually, this does seem to be in formation.  Muslims in Europe already are changing the population profile.  They represent a different religion and a race (Arab) within Europe.  Whatever they protest about, will affect the countries they are in.  I expect them to turn Europe against Israel, which has been the object of their wrath for thousands of years.
* Racial violence will explode worldwide at the turn of the century and start World War III, in which Germany and America will fight side by side.

* Laser weapons?: It is a chilling experience to read about his predictions in 1920 of this coming Third and Final War at the beginning of the 21st century when the armies of the world will use what he called “terrible electrical rays that sow death and destruction from above and below, and soak the earth in blood”.
*** This could be an EMP attack, which knocks out the electrical grid over countries.
The old prophet described the events on the battlefields of the world in such detail as though he himself had been an eye-witness.
In 1918 Rensburg prophesied:
“I see there will be a time when the whole world will be ploughed under. This will be the beginning of the Third – and last – World War and everything will be in confusion.
Then I saw a snake lying on the ploughed land. I could not see its head or tail.
Because of this decision his visions and prophecies have been preserved and have now become known throughout South Africa, and the following words are becoming part of the Afrikaner nation’s daily discussions: “‘Seer’ Van Rensburg said so….”
After a vision on December 1917 and March 1918, he said immorality will increase throughout the world; he saw how a disease broke out in Africa as a result and mainly blacks dying from it.
It spreads throughout the world, but whites are relatively untouched by it.
He saw an old little ‘kaffir’ dressed in women’s clothing sit in Europe and droppings roll off him to the West (he is totally infected with this disease and the Western nations will also be infected). This was the first vision the Seer had which predicted worldwide decadence, immorality and pornography, also referring to a horrendous sexually transmitted disease’ as result. At that time nobody knew of the existence of Aids

Bit by bit people outside Africa are starting to realise that this new generation of Black Liberators are not sincere people. Slowly, people in Western countries are realising that something is amiss. One day they will realise that they've been lied to.


The Black Leaders talk of creating a prosperous multiracial society when in fact they have no interest in such a thing. On the quiet they tell their supporters to murder the whites, make things hot for them and encourage them to flee the country. At a Governmental level, the Government turns a blind eye to crime and in fact makes rules which will cause crime to increase. These Marxists would never DARE say so in public, but they are sick of the whites and want them to leave the country.


When leaders such as Thabo Mbeki speak of the "transformation" of society - what does he really mean? A 100 yrs ago, we had a visionary, he predicticted alot of things that really happend, and he had predictions that their would be a "race war" in the early 21th century in RSA, and it seems that his prophecy would come true, and that tempers are rising
gWell you can thank Bill Clinton for having a hand in bringing down Africa's most viable nation.Products from South Africa used to be something desirable, now they are horrible or for the most part, non-existent.Also with the end of Apartheid, the criminal Nelson Mandela was put in power, thus sealing the fate of a once proud and legitimate nation       

  :    Every single headline calls Terreblanche a “white supremacist,” alluding to his position in the waning days of the apartheid government, thirty-odd years ago. But the real story here is not that Terreblanche was a “white supremacist” — if he really was (and I know how the left loves to throw around those labels). Whether he was or not, the man was brutally murdered, and I had to go through ten newspaper accounts to find out how he was murdered. The liberal media had to dehumanize him first. And not one newspaper account speaks of Black supremacism — yet that is the really important story in South Africa today. All I see in South Africa is Black supremacism. Terreblanche may have been a white supremacist, but he’s the dead one  

      The white genocide is heating up in South Africa: South Africa race tension grows. The whites in South Africa are keenly aware of the plans to kill them, better known as “The night of the long knives.” They expect it to happen very soon after the death of Mandela, but to tell this to the world is a waste of energy. Atlas has been reporting on this horror that the savages in the media ignore… The Eight Stages of Genocide are: 1.       Classification 2.     Symbolization 3.   Dehumanization 4.       Organization 5.      Polarization 6.       Preparation 7.    Extermination 8.              Denial Genocide of White South Africans Afrikaners targetted by unprecedented genocidal hate-crimes: Picture AlbumThe Chinese built the latest robot.
The Irish are building GPS systems, for the planet.
America built the computers, (state of the art).
Germany furnished the smartest scientist ever.
Africa gave us....Black history month, every year


Jihadis Incite South African Blacks to kill all Whites What is happening in South Africa against the White population is unspeakable. Savage. And no one will speak of it.
Facebook jihad on South African whites: Ahmed El Saud @ Chris: we will do the job for your people. We will kill the whites at a agreed price per head. We deliver all heads and expect raw cash, gold or diamonds as payment. Baby heads are same as grown up's in price. We will give you instructions on how to arrange the payment and the terms and conditions. Do not worry now. We provide also body guards if you are in need. Just speak out. We can bring in planes and do it with poison spray but your people must be out of the area. hBy Adriana Stuijt. Members of my Facebook site recently alerted me to a number of ‘Africanist’ websites in volatile South Africa where radical islamists are very actively inciting black South African members to ‘kill all the whites’ there. This incitement to kill all Europeans is often targetted towards the increasingly besieged Afrikaans-speaking minority --  but has also been targetting all the Western football fans planning to travel to the World Cup 2010 tournaments in South Africa in June. The most worrying aspect of all this growing hate-speech campaign is the very active participation of clearly radical Islamists – with names such as Ahmed El Saud ; Abdul-Aziz Hossayn ; and  Juhani Hossaynpictured right -- with the latter claiming that he hails from Uap in the Northern Cape in a posting on the Pan Africanist of Azania Facebook page. (The entire page and the relevant postings are reproduced below this story).  This campaign to kill all whites is well beyond just a mindless threat from a few angry young blacks: more than 3,140 white farmers have already been murdered on South African farms since 1987 – often after hours of mutilation and torture - and primarily by young black male gangs whose members frequently are armed with illegal AK-47s. Yet despite numerous complaints to facebook management the site was still active on February 25. Meanwhile the number of armed attacks against whites – primarily Afrikaans-speakers from all accounts -- inside their own homes and also in public places is growing rapidly: Slaughter of whites continues and Hatespeech against SA whites is often deadly
The Blackwash groups support the so-named Africanist and Africanisation movement – which is totally opposed to presence of any whites in Africa – including in South Africa and thus also clearly opposed to the ‘rainbow nation’ integrationist concept of the ruling African-National-Congress party;  They consider the ruling South African government including Nelson Mandela and its current president Jacob Zuma  as ‘puppets of white colonials’. Blackwash -rejects any integration with ‘whites’ in South Africa and instead want a South Africa which only allows black-African residents  There's much more -- go
Just a few examples of the incitements to kill all whites in South Africa posted on above Facebook page:
Ahmed El Saud Kill the fucking whites now !!! If you affraid for them, lets do it for you. In return you can pay us after the job has been done ... text us .... we are not affraid for the whites like your own people ... its a dicgrace ....he ask you and you dont want to ... we will do it Mandela ! Nelson Mandela kill Whites Nelson Mandela present at a song about killing of Whites. 21 Februarie om 05:37 nm. · Ballas Tshabalala Ballas Tshabalala You boertjies is always looking fer shet. I wil stick my gun up your as and kil al your brain · ALLAH HELP US TO KILL ALL WHITES… Abdul-Aziz Hossayn (wrote next to this picture of the field of crosses erected in South Africa to commemorate the many murdered white farmers:) “I see more graves and even more white crosses ... Allah is great !!! Allah help us to kill all whites !!! lh6.ggpht.comKill all whites who disagree, they have no right and no place in Africa. All whites are evil. Kill the babies, kill the elders, kill all whites and your blessings will rise to the heavens.Makube Njalo In another posting he said: "Mandela asked so nice, start at home with food poison, gas leaks, cut the phone lines, kill the babies in the pool, be creative or if you have no nerve, call me and my team ... we have 3 000 on standby and can be ready with in 24 hours... think about it now or good luck." And Facebook should be ashamed, ugly cowards that they are. My news reports are flagged, but this racism and incitement to genocide is facebook friendly.
It has been said by some Blacks that even South African President Jacob Zuma will "sort out White people."
Likewise, Blacks on Face Book appear to be excited about murdering the South African Whites.  Read what some of them have to say.

Accusations of genocide against Whites have been raised.  And there appears to be evidence that there has indeed been genocide committed.
Even the rather liberal South African Institute of Race Relations has issued a Press Release that foretells of how the country is experiencing an unprecedented anxiety and incitement as the result of Terreblanche's murder.
There is one thing for certain: A terrible fire that has been started in South Africa, and the only thing that can extinguish it is rivers of blood. is said that the whites, despite making up only around 8% of the South African population, control 60% of the country's wealth and that around 70% of all taxpayers in South Africa are white. Most white's live in gated communities so I guess they would just dig in for a long seige and let the rest of the country deal with the economic fallout.
Ofcourse this race war would never actually happen in real life. South Africa has come a long long way since in the last 20 yearsknow who would lose just like they are losing today, white women and children. Being gang raped, tortured, and mutilated.

Of course liberals love when this happens. It is "social justice" to them. They like that sort of thing in the states as well.Farmers' wives learn how to defend themselves on a farm-attack prevention course near the Zimbabwean border in South Africa

Bella wakes. She hears a strangled, gurgling sound. It’s the dog, she thinks.

‘Peter, there’s something wrong,’ she says to her husband. Noises emerge from the room of her mother-in-law, who’s 98 and confined to a wheelchair.

It’s 1am. Bella gets up and walks out of the bedroom. In the hall she sees a young man who at first she thinks is her son. Except he’s black, wears a balaclava and is pointing a gun at her.

‘He comes for me,’ says Bella, her hand before her tear-stained face.

‘He’s going to shoot me! I trip as I run back to the bedroom. Peter comes to the door but he has nothing in his hand, no pistol. I hear a gun go off. I hear my mother-in-law screaming. I lock the door and telephone my son. I tell him: “I think they shot Pa!”’

Two men are outside the bedroom window with a rifle. She loads the pistol Peter keeps by the bed.

‘I take the gun and say, “Come on! I’ll shoot you!”’

Back in the hall she finds Peter dead, a trail of blood across the kitchen floor. Her mother-in-law Gerda is bruised and beaten.

‘I can’t tell you how hopeless I felt,’ Bella says. ‘I will see it in front of me for weeks, months, years.’Days after Peter is cremated, the attackers return. The survivors are sleeping elsewhere by now, so the gang finds only the dogs in the house. They torture the animals with boiling water before soaking them in petrol and setting them on fire.

I ask Bella for a motive and she says a group of black South Africans who are squatting on their farmland have repeatedly threatened them.

After the family find the dogs, Bella’s son Piet calls the police. Weeks later the attackers are still at large; police arrested one man in connection with the killing but he was later released.

I am in her home. The bullet holes are still clearly visible. I ask her what she is going to do.

‘If we stay here they will kill us. You can’t say this was a dream, or rewind what happened. They want our land.’

This is Bella’s account of an attack that happened last month in South Africa, in the north-east of the country. Her home is a long way from the vineyards and beaches of Cape Town, but South Africa is to host the 2010 World Cup and five of the centres for players and the hundreds of thousands of tourists who will come with them are here in the north.

Preparations are in hand but this is against the backdrop of a country gripped by ultra-violence. Officially there are about 50 murders a day, and three times that number of rapes. Most victims are poor blacks in South Africa’s cities: reported deaths last year totalled more than 18,000.

But among the casualties of the violence are white farmers, whose counterparts in Zimbabwe are singled out for international press coverage; here in the ‘rainbow nation’ their murders, remarkable for their particular savagery, go largely unreported.

Farmer's wife Ida Nel learns how shoot an AK-47 and a pistol on a 'farm protection weekend'

There are no official figures but, since the election of Nelson Mandela in 1994, farmers’ organisations say 3,000 whites in rural areas have been killed. The independent South African Human Rights Commission, set up by Mandela’s government, says the number is 2,500.

Its commission’s report into the killings does not break down their figures by colour; but it says the majority of attacks in general - ie where no one necessarily dies - are against white people and that 'there was a considerably higher risk of a white victim of farm attacks being killed or injured than a black victim.'

It states that since 2006, farmer murders have jumped by 25 per cent and adds: 'The lack of prosecutions indicates the criminal justice system is not operating effectively to protect victims in farming communities and to ensure the rule of law is upheld.'

I have lived and worked in Africa for 20 years, reporting from countries all across the continent. I know that the truth is very hard to find here. Stereotypes are everywhere. Blacks give no credit to successful white businesses. Whites give no credit to the black populace, refusing stubbornly to acknowledge that they themselves are physical reminders of a brutal colonial past.

What is certain is this: since the mid-Nineties, 900,000 mainly white South Africans have emigrated from South Africa - about 20 per cent of the white population - most of them due to soaring crime rates. In an eerie parallel with Zimbabwe, farms have been reclaimed by unqualified workers.

The police say don't fight back. You must fight. It's the bullet or be slaughtered

Commercial agricultural production has taken a massive hit where land reform has occurred. And as the attacks on white farmers continue, the police seem increasingly powerless and ineffective, and farmers are turning to vigilante behaviour as their way of life comes under violent assault.

The ANC government's response to this has been largely defiant. As Charles Ngacula, Safety and Security Minister under the previous administration of Thabo Mbeki, said: 'They can continue to whinge until they're blue in the face, be as negative as they want to, or they can simply leave this country.'

Ida Nel is learning to shoot an AK-47 and a pistol on a 'farm protection weekend'. The course is being held only 70 miles from the 2010 World Cup venue of Polokwane. Ida is married to farmer Andre. They farm guavas and macadamia nuts near Levubu in Limpopo province.

Sonette Selzer a violinist, on her farm near Ermelo. She is trained to use a variety of guns and always carries a rifle over a shoulder and a pistol on her belt

I'm used to guns,' she says. 'My dad taught me how to use one when I was a kid but I need to get confident and to know what warning signs to look out for in a farm attack.'

On the course with her are farmers, and their wives and children. Among the children is 13-year-old Barend Harris, the son of a vet, who brought his family 9mm gun. Those taking part in the weekend courses for about 50 people at a time learn to leopard-crawl with a gun and are taught self-defence (with knives and guns), how to look for signs that their homes are being targeted, bush tracking and how to shoot from a moving vehicle. They are given target practice with AK-47s, pistols, R4 and R5 assault rifles and 308 hunting rifles.

Driving around Mpumalanga Province, east of Johannesburg, in what used to be the Transvaal, I found myself called by the farmers to a string of grisly murder scenes. In some the blood was still drying on the furniture or the street. In others, witnesses gave me accounts of killings involving rituals of extreme brutality: of victims boiled alive, forced to kneel and shot execution style and tortured in ways so unimaginable they are too horrendous to print. The same goes for the many pictures I have been shown of the barely identifiable corpses and horrific crime scenes.

Sonette Selzer, who lives on a forestry holding with her husband Werner, has made sure that she and her two boys are weapons-trained. At home in Mpumalanga province, Sonette, who is a trained medic, claims she usually gardens with a pistol at her side and a rifle strapped to her back. She is fully armed as I arrive - rather conveniently, I think.

'It's very tiring but even in the garden you have to be alert to what's happening around you all the time. You can never, ever relax your guard,' she says.

When she hears of a man who got into a gunfight with three robbers she shakes her head: 'I'd hate to get into that situation. You need to finish it quickly.'

She gestures to her vicious-looking Ninja knives and I realise the chilling intent behind her words - you need to finish 'them' as quickly as possible.

She says she and Werner sleep in separate beds at either end of the house, with their guns and knives within easy reach. Their children Francois, 18, and Jaques, 16, are at boarding school in the nearby town.

'When they were very small they learned how to use guns and how to reload,' Sonette says of her boys.

Each dawn and evening the Selzers check in on the VHF radio with other members of the Farm Watch organisation, neighbours whom they find more reliable than the South African Police Service (SAPS). The couple are heavily armed, but what good will that do them if a group of attackers assault the house in the dead of night? The home is an ill-fortified outpost 40 minutes' drive from the nearest Farm Watch neighbours or SAPS station that could respond in the event of an attack.

'You must carry your gun and your Bible together at once,' says Werner Selzer.

And at the farmers' houses I visited, when grace was said at table, a semi-automatic rifle or pistol with extra magazines was prominently on display. (Once again, it's hard to say if they are just placed there for effect.)

Werner is adamant that only he can protect his family: 'The police say don't fight back. But you must fight back. It's the bullet or be slaughtered. If you're going to rape my wife and kill my children you must understand I have nothing to lose. But you can run away. And if I shoot back you will run away.'

Since the 19th century, Boer farmers were organised into farm militias known as Commandos. These defended rural communities from assault and, just over a century ago, they formed the vanguard of the rebellion against the hated British Empire.

Its better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have one.

Whites aren't going to attack innocent people. We're far above that animalistic mentality. I consider it insulting that you would even suggest such a thing.

One thing whites will do is defend themselves and their neighbors with lethal force if we have to. The only advice I can give is for whites to just avoid black areas if possible. But that is pretty much common sense because every white, asian, or anyone else knows that crime is much higher in the black areas and there is a greater chance of being attacked in those areas.

If you don't want to be attacked or robbed by blacks, then don't go near them. Simplest solution.affirmative action (aka discriminate against all whites) = FAIL

multiculturalism (aka promote any culture above whites) = FAIL

haha man has done his best to surpress excellence and artificially "level the playing field" as THE policy of modern society, but it has failed

what a waste of effort and only made the gulf between all races a bitter bigger division

thanks libs, democraps, all you bleeding hearts and white guilt mofos

way to mess up society that was evolving well enough on it's own, as best it could

diversity - it's for a reasonI killed them because they were white.”
These famous words were spoken last year by (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) William Kekana, who participated in one of the most horrendous incidents in which the entire family of Mr. Clifford Rawstorne was wiped out, consisting of his fiancée, baby, as well as his own mother. One year-old Kayla was executed on her very first birthday with a shot in the head. Needless to say, the two adult women were first raped before being killed.

The Silent Genocide of Whites in South Africa.
******* Warning *******
Awakened Whites are merely reacting to the violence, hatred, and utter contempt blacks have for Whites, merely because they are White. Multiculturalism is anti-White! These are people we should reach out to? You’re kidding, right? Most Whites can’t even figure out jews aren’t White. Don’t believe blacks are the racists? Check out this site and see who has an overwhelming hatred for this formerly ordered society that Whites have created.

The dead. The last thing these White people experienced, before their world turned black forever, were brutal animals beating, raping, stabbing, shooting, or even burning them to death. This is only a bare few of the White victims.   
A glimpse of the HELL these people suffered before death:   

Old White man with his head bashed to pulp and dumped into his own bathtub like a sack of garbage by murderous black killers.   

Whites horribly victimized by insanely evil black killers: 1) Woman raped and throat cut in her own bed. 2) Woman raped, hung-up and gutted like a fish. 3) Woman gang-raped, slashed and finally killed by a broomstick jammed way up her vagina and into her body. 4) Little boy literally beaten to death against a wall. 5) Old White woman killed with a broken bottle jammed up her rectum. Can you believe this shit?  
The Jew media in the US never reports on any of this. Why? Simply put: They don’t want Whites to get wise, that’s why. They definitely don’t want us to get angry and start demanding answers. It’s already bad enough with all the rip-offs and wars they have going on.
And think a minute here: Why do they constantly broadcast news on White murderers in the US; some of them not even arrested or the bodies even found? Like that missing sheriff’s wife, the Caylee Anthony case or this recent White pervert named Gardner in California whom they suspect of killing 2 young girls. The media goes on and on about these crimes, but somehow cannot find any time whatsover for crimes against Whites, no matter how horrible!
Compare and contrast this media treatment of White criminals with what’s really going down, not only in South Africa but America, Canada, Britain and all our formerly White nations.
Are you pissed yet?
Who’s responsible for bringing all this horror to White people in South Africa and Western countries like America?
The International Jew and his owned liberal media, that’s who.
From civil rights activism, Marxism, media brainwashing and immigration of non-Whites, the Jew has always been at front and center to the destruction of White people. South Africa is but a glimpse at what these people are taking America, or any White country for that matter.
If you were old enough in the late 1980′s, you will surely remember the non-stop media propaganda campaign against Whites and apartheid in South Africa. Funny, how this same media hypocritically and completely ignores the apartheid going on in Israel against the Palestinians; or the openly Jewish racism against the few black Ethiopians still living in Israel after being wooed into going there in the 1970′s on the pretext they had Jew blood (Queen of Bathsheba and liberal Jew crap).
The International Jew worked for years to bring down Whites in South Africa and he succeeded. Whites are a now a powerless minority, constantly at the mercy of being victimized by roving bands of Negro criminals. Whites are being turned into shantytown beggars and fired from employment to make way for blacks.
The Jews in SA never see this discrimination and keep their jobs, because they serve as the “White faces” for any of those too stupid not to know what’s going on.
Jews are even allowed to immigrate from South Africa into the US (never do the hypocrites ever move to another African country), while White European Afrikaners almost invariably cannot. White South Africans who do make it to the US illegally, often get deported, even when children are involved.
All this is NOT coming to America — it’s already started!
The possiblity of intervention is exactly why you guys will have to wait until the rest of the world is occupied with a more pressing matter that will render them unable to respond.

I wonder will your Afrikkaner Volkstaat be comprised of only whites in the geographical boundaries or will you allow blacks to remain as second class citizens? I think if you allow them to remain then you will eventually wind up in the same condition you are now. To move that many blacks you WILL need chemical weapons. Otherwise they will just stay where they are and cry to the world about being mistreated. You want them to quickly migrate out of your lands and to do that your going to need a strong motivator.

Cheap black labor is attractive but dangerous. Even the great man Terreblanche used black labor and look what the result of that was.
1. I know and that is why we will need the world distracted when this happens... somewhat like a crisis involving Iran or North Korea or something similar. I quite like the intruiging idea of one of the former Soviet republics like Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan asking for American protection against Chinese hot pursuit operations against Muslim insurgents... and America agrees to send troops...

2. There is NO EFFING WAY ON THIS GOD's earth we are allowing them to stay ever again... BELIEVE me that we learned that lesson. In Orania for instance people HAVE to do their own labour because quite simply blacks are not allowed into the town. I have heard from moving companies that their trucks have to stop some ten kilometers from the town where a group of about ten or so white boys meets the truck, say not a word to the black driver and crew, and quickly and efficiently unpack the furniture and then load it onto some small trucks and head off back to town without even acknowledging the existence of the blacks.... my friend who saw this tells me white workers are a damn sight more efficient than the lazy kaffers he usually sees doing that work.
Ons moet die bestaan van ons mense verseker, en 'n toekoms vir wit

The government is collapsing, its just a matter of time before its destruction; with it will come the chaos that follows such a collapse. The key is to be ready when it does Its exactly the same thing in the U.S and the UK. The government is collapsing. The only difference with our collapse is that unlike South Africa, the NWO will attempt to start, as Gerald Celente puts it, "The Great War of the 21st Century" in order to focus the sheeple's attention. More than likely this will be in the Middle East....over Iran no doubt.
The black factions hate each other and are already in a power struggle, this is one of the reasons the government is collapsing - I believe they are going to reduce their own numbers - the key is to stay out of their way, but if trouble comes your way, to be prepared to defend yourself. They are trying really hard to put the blame on Whitey for the current conditions in SA
quite correct. I predict the blacks will attack the whites first in either Johannesburg or Pretoria before quickly moving onto each other. Once the majority of whites flee the cities and head to the safe zones in the country side, the Xhosa and Zulu will quickly turn on each other whilst whites dig in.

It'll be the same scenario in the U.S although replace the Xhosa and Zulu for American blacks and Hispanics. Once whitey is out of California, etc, they'll quickly turn on each other whilst the whites fortify themselves in the rural areas This is key to being prepared, and I believe this is what right wing groupings have been doing for years. What we dont need is people going on the rampage - this is a waiting game. The blacks must realize that it would be better for them to leave the White Man alone than take him on - better to segregate where no one is in control of the other I agree with this. But the most important thing whites in SA must do and that is train up the young using their ex-SADF experience. One of the reasons the Japanese lost the Pacific War was because instead of training new pilots with their much more experienced pilots, they pretty much wasted their best talent without any replacements.

Ex-SADF veterans have to primarily become the officers and trainers of a new movement and not the foot soldiers. The passing on of knowledge is key - although the younger generation has not seen battle, neither has the younger generation of blacks An American once told me that the situation for whites in SA was hopeless because if there ever was a civil war, black volunteers would swarm from all over Africa to help the blacks. I refuted him on that by stating its more realistic for white well trained volunteers to assist the whites over poor quality, hungry blacks with an AK47.

I also agree although remember - the older generation of blacks don't really have military experience either. Maybe the veterans of the Rhodesian Bush War do but not the older black South Africans. From my own knowledge, whilst the whites served in the bush of Angola and Namibia, the blacks pretty much just rioted and set off bombs. Not really combat experience.The Chinese will back the communists - its important for them to have a communist victory, otherwise they can`t have their hands on the wealth Depends. If the NWO back the ANC, the Chinese will probably counter and back the whites. The Chinese wouldn't give a damn of course about the whites, it'd be more about kicking the NWO out of Africa and its precious resources.They'll be two outcomes to South Africa that ultimately will lead to the same out come. Once any domestic conflict is raging, either there will be a full scale balkanization along ethnic lines straight away or a temporary pause if all of South Africa decide to take a breather and go for the DA.

Despite any possible DA 'victory' though and calming of tensions, autonomous regions at this point will be established. Give it another 10 - 20 years and the country will still balkanize regardless.

The big question is - what happens to the coloureds? I could see the blacks having some territory and the whites having some territory but where do the coloureds go? I could see possibly a "free city state" being established in Cape Town where the coloureds pretty much remain but otherwise, the rest of the country balkanizingApartheids biggest flaw. No black labour, Whites who dont want to do work that blacks normally do, must go Not just apartheid's biggest flaw but also the entire West's flaw. America wouldn't have had the problems demographically it is having today had they not imported slaves and instead just focused on a pure pioneer effort of doing their own labour.

The white man around the world has got to learn to start doing his own labour. That said, I feel eventually machines will come in as a replacement to foreign and black labour but for now, whites world over have got to do their own work.
I agree - although most are liberals, a lot will side with the right wing - how any White can still be a liberal in this country is beyond me Liberalism is an Anglo flaw unfortunately. It must be genetic or something. Some liberalism can be good such as the "Give me Liberty of give me Death" type of liberalism seen in the American Revolution, for example. But then its got to be followed up by immediate Conservatism and not be allowed to degenerate into acceptable of 'minorities' and homosexuality, for example.That is why we are in the problems we are in today. You can only keep printing money for so long before it becomes worthless. At some point, it dosen't matter how much money they keep printing, the prices of just basic goods will be out of reach for the average joe. That is when you will see America and Britain descend into anarchy.

We're beginning to see the rumblings of this in Greece. Once Greece goes, it'll spread over Europe and America, pretty much collapsing the NWO.The NWO are interested in all wealth - we all know what SA has. The reason for them not doing anything in Zim or SA where Whites are killed, is to give them access to the mineral wealth. With a White Man in power they could not get to the wealth, so, put a black in power - then he can be manipulated into submission due to lack of brain power The NWO is interested in all wealth, I agree. However, this isn't going to be the same as the Boer War, for example, where NWO Britain at the time had no other concerns aside from taking on the Boers. This time around, they'll most likely be a confrontation with Russia and China and the Middle East, most likely over Iran. The NWO will be too focused on their own economic collapse and large scale military campaigns then fighting over South Africa. If anything, SA will become a secondary or lesser priority.They will just shut down the net as happened in Egypt, something else to be prepared for If they shut down the internet, that means the government is close to collapsing or is pretty much in anarchy. This was the case in Egypt and Iran. If that happens, you pretty much know America and the UK is on fire.They (UN) will simply round up Whites and put them in camps - "making the world save for democracy" scenario. Remember that everything is up side down at the moment - the freedom fighters (terrorists) are in power, while the "oppressors" are being kept at bay, this is how the brain washed see it anyway Once again, they'll be too focused on the Middle East/Iran/Russia/China/Economic Meltdown before even considering SA. This isn't 1994 where they had full sights on SA - this is 2011, a period where the West is on the way out like the USSR did during 1991.
. I know and that is why we will need the world distracted when this happens... somewhat like a crisis involving Iran or North Korea or something similar. I quite like the intruiging idea of one of the former Soviet republics like Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan asking for American protection against Chinese hot pursuit operations against Muslim insurgents... and America agrees to send troops... That would be interesting Vry. But I agree with you - America needs to be fully distracted over Iran and North Korea (make no mistake, they'll take both on pulling in Russia and China) before anything happens in SAThe "New South Africa" (aka new white South Africa) is going to be built in the rural areas then in the cities. I've read how Dan Roodt himself only believes that whites can win victory if they have the freedom flag flying over Johannesburg. I disagree with this concept. Why fight over the urban jungle? A city cannot fill a man's belly - only a farm can do that. It'll be places like Orania that become central to this theme whilst cities such as Johannesburg essentially become useless.

Also I didn't realise that Orania was that strict on blacks entering the town. Seems like they've got the right idea however. The Boer is the American Revolutionary of our times. King I have been suggesting here for years that poor urban whites who are becoming unemployed because of affirmative action should sell their houses, band together and start buying arable land and farm it communally with the help of local farmers who have lost their land to "land redistribution" - which happens here in South Africa too. Also given the present kaffer penchant for attacking white farmsteads a communal farm would be far better able to defend itself against the animals.

As you said... defence will begin in the veld and then move towards the cities.

Between the different factions there is utter hatred and contempt for each other... Malema is a Pedi tribe member... the rulers are Zulu... and they overthrew the Xhosa of Mbeki to take power... the Zulu look on the Pedi the same way whites used to look on kaffers... in the pre white era the Zulu used to often trek into the highveld and just hunt Pedi for women... the first Boers reported that when they arrived in the Highveld they found the Pedi living in trees and welcoming the whites as saviours.

ALL the tribal groups have issues with the Zulus.... for reasons going back 200 years That is really great about Orania! It made my heart happy to read that. God bless those people.

I am not a military man but I am a bit of a history buff and I think that your 2nd Boer war is going to be a lot different than the first. I think it will be a blitzkrieg war not of maneuver of machines but in duration. Quick and dramatic would be the best way. The longer it goes the greater the toll on the white noncombatants. That is why I think the chemical weapons will be used in mass. Those weapons are the quickest and most efficient way to motivate der schwartzen to haul ass.

I recently watched a video where the prophecies of the Boer Seer van Rensberg were listed and one of the things he said was that the Boers would fight this war to overthrow the black government in a way they have never fought before. What other force equalizer could make up for the numbers difference?

And do you really care about what the rest of the world has to say? When this war goes down I am sure it will be when the rest of the world has their eye turned somewhere else. Yes I think there's a couple of older gays who's waiting on the borderline waiting for something to happen,then they will go into action.Now there's not enough of them to start something on their own,they have to wait for the massas to start something and then they will come into action then 16 years of hate will explode and no one will be spared.
We will not fight this battle with a bible in our hands,thats for the weak.
If there weren't any interfering from the politions in 1975 we would have cleared both Angola and Mozambieq after the Porras give it up and it would have been part of South Africa with Rhodesia included.The Whites in South Africa needs bushfighters to lead them not polititions.May i say to my friend 777 and all South African folk here that i wish you all to be safe. Sending good thoughts to you from across the oceans. Please do take care. I have read tonight some stories which have made me feel very humbled for you are wonderful people but inside i feel concerned for your well being and safety.

Gran shoots, kills intruder

13 June 2011

Gareth Wilson

AN elderly St Francis Bay woman shot and killed one of two intruders in her home early yesterday after they broke into her house and held her hostage. Police said the 72-year-old was assaulted and robbed at about 3am by the men, who were armed with a screwdriver and knife.
The attackers gained entry by breaking a window and opening a sliding door.
Warrant Officer Marianette Olivier said the woman had heard a noise inside the house just before the men stormed her bedroom and attacked her.

“They confronted her, tied her hands behind her back and blindfolded her, demanding bank cards and pin numbers,” Olivier said. “One of the robbers allegedly took her Mercedes-Benz and drove to a nearby ATM, where he withdrew an undisclosed amount of money.

“While he was drawing the money, his accomplice remained behind in the house.”
The nearest ATM is at a local shopping centre about 2km from her home. During the time that the robber was at the ATM, the woman managed to untie herself when the other attacker left the room. In a panic, she grabbed her 38 special revolver.

“The suspect saw her with the firearm and allegedly ran towards her in an attempt to stab her,” Olivier said.
“According to her, she then fired three shots at him, but only two hit him.”
The wounded attacker, whose identity is not known to the police, died at the scene.
“His accomplice returned to the house only minutes later and found him dead and her with a firearm,” Olivier said.
“In a hasty escape, he jumped out of the MercedesBenz and ran away without attempting to confront her.”

The woman was taken to relatives in nearby Oyster Bay as she was suffering from shock and feared the other robber would return.
“She is very traumatised by the incident and still in shock,” Olivier said.
“Her doctor was called to the house shortly after the attack and treated her at the scene. We have spoken to the family and at this stage they do not want to talk to the media.” Police refused to divulge the woman’s name, saying she was now part of a criminal investigation.
Many residents in St Francis Bay remained unaware of the attack and were alerted only after The Herald spoke to various home and business owners in the area.
Neighbour Andy Nosworthy said he had been unaware of the incident, but said he had wakened at about 3am after his dogs “went mad”.

“I got up when I heard the dogs barking and turned all the outside lights on,” Nosworthy said.
“I saw nothing and went back to bed. Only in the morning did I see that one of our cars in the driveway had been broken into and the radio face was on the ground.”
Nosworthy said he suspected the attackers had been frightened when they heard the dogs and then scaled the fence into the woman’s yard. Her property is relatively unprotected, with only a low wall surrounding the house.
Her son-inlaw, who owns a guesthouse in St Francis Bay, only a few kilometres from where the attack occurred, was tight-lipped about the attack, but said she was doing well. “She defended herself and is a very brave woman to have done that.
“We need more people who are not intimidated by criminals,” he said.
“She is resting at the moment, so understand that she does not want to talk.”
A case of murder and robbery is being investigated, but the woman has not been charged.
“She is in shock at the moment and once she calms down, detectives will take her statement and take it from there,” Olivier saidIs it my imagination or are the shooting of criminals by farmers and the public on the increase the last few months ? Is this a new phase in SA we are entering and of things to come ? Time will tell ...

Farm wife Cecelia Steynberg, 51, shoots armed attacker in neck – Stormpan, Wesselsbron

An armed black man, one of at least four home-invaders, who invaded a farm homestead near Wesselsbron was shot in the neck by the farmer’s wife, leaving the gunman injured and probably permanently disabled. Nothing was robbed. Two suspects are still at large. Mrs Cecelia Steynberg (51) of the farm Stormpan woke up at around 3:00am from the loud barking of her little dogs inside. She fetched their firearm from the safe where, by law, it has to be locked up, and climbed back into bed. She said her husband Callie works in Kroonstad and she’s alone at home: so she make certain that she was able to protect herself. After a while she heard the security-door inside the hallway leading to the bedroom being broken down. She tried to raise the farm-manager on her Farm-watch link’s two-way radio, but could not reach him: he apparently was busy at the chicken-house.

A black man then suddenly entered her bedroom, pointed a firearm at her and pulledthe trigger. However she was lucky: the attacker’s gun failed to fire so the man surged towards her while she fired off a shot which hit him in the neck. He was only a meter away from her when she shot the gunman, police said. She then rushed outside and fired off another warning shot to alert the farm-workers. Police and the local farm-watch were on the scene very quickly. SAPS sergeant Puleng Motsoeneng, said the injured man told them that there were three other men with him who were attacking the Steynberg homestead. They got in by cutting through the burglar-bars with a wirecutter. Police confiscated a firearm from him which had its serial-number filed off. They also found another person’s driver’s license and Mrs Steynberg’s car-keys on the injured man. He was admitted to Odendaalsrust hospital under police guard and then transferred to Welkom’s Bongani hospital.

Meanwhile local farmers teamed up with field-trackers and Agri-Free State’s intelligence chief Hennie Gerber and launched a massive search for the three other farm-attackers, arresting a second suspect later that morning who provided information to help track down the other two. However the two are still at large; they managed to get through the cordon put up near Odendaalsrust.
Yes it seems so.....but there are still plenty of white deaths which don't even reach the news papers. We must pray even more that the Boers wake up and defend themselves and not having any regrets. Beeld journalist Gerhard Pretorius writes that three armed black men held up Aucamp’s Crown liquor shop in President Steyn Street, Pretoria North. The attack took place just after 8pm. One of the black men plucked out a handgun and immediately fired shots at Mr Aucamp – who was hit in the stomach while he was firing three shots at the armed-robber, hitting him in the upper body. During the shooting, their baby son was seated in his pram near the counter and his mother Marisa was aslso near the scene of the gunfight.

The injured black man ran about 60 meters, trying to make his escape, before collapsing on the corner of Jopie Fourie- and President Steyn Street. SAPS spokesman warrant-officer Dikatso Tebe said the armed robber died of his injuries. Mr Aucamp was rushed to the nearest hospital in Ga-Rankuwa where he underwent emergency surgery that night and another operation at 11am. Family member Renier Smal said that he is in ‘serious condition’.
Riaan Vermeulen, 16, grabbed gun from black attacker after the man shot his dad in his legs ...

Welkom, FS. High School pupil Riaan Vermeulen, 16, did a brave thing : he grabbed away the handgun from an armed man who had just shot his dad in both legs on September 19 2010. His dad now is in stable condition at a Bloemfontein hospital. Mom Jackie Vermeulen said the family woke up at around 2:30am after they'd all fallen asleep in front of the TV."Two men were inside the house and pointed a gun at my oldest son's face,' she said. She said the family suspect that they had been drugged somehow because all were so sound asleep. Mr Vermeulen senior however immediate stormed towards the two gunmen - one shooting him in his legs while the other one ran for his life.

"Riaan tackled the gunman and grappled the gun away from him,' she said. "He then fired towards the gunman who then also fled. "It was a traumatic experience she said. "We are afraid that they are going to come and shoot us. Riaan is terrified that they will be back to kill him. 'SAPS captain Stephen Thakeng said both 'burglars' (what a strange description for armed men who drug your family and shoot down your husband...) collapsed in the erf next door while trying to flee. The man is under police guard at the Bongani hospital in critical condition. It's not known if the Afrikaner youth will be charged with attempted murder - which usually happens in South Africa when whites try to defend themselves from armed attackersMarais Family, Wesselsbron Targets Of Cops, Hired Killers

Virginia, Free State. Local well-known boer Carel Marais, farmer and businessman of Wesselsbron, testified about he and his family still receiving death-threats after they were attacked by four black police officers, an ex-cop and the brother of a leading ANC-MEC in the legislature, on their Free State farm. “We try to stay positive but it’s not so easy every day. To know that our lives also are still being threatened, is difficult. We have lost all our faith in the police.’ Despite repeated threats against his life, and the fact that four contract-killers had already been captured by the local Marnet farm watch when they were trying to kill him, Marais courageously testified yesterday in the corruption-trial of the six unnamed, highly-placed black Free State men. (Marais had also testified on 4 October 2010 that four hired black killers had also been sent from Gauteng to his farm to kill him so that he would not be able to testify at their corruption trial yesterday. Members of the local farm-watch Marnet captured the men in a road block on his far)

The Boer businessman’s testimony was backed up by SAPS inspector Nico Smith who testified on the same day that he himself also was threatened with contract-killers if he pursued his investigation - and that it was established that the four black men arrested by the farm-watch while trying kill Marais, had been paid R1,000 ($100) each for it. Smith also handed in signed and sworn statements from specific, well-informed prisoners at Odendaalsrust confirming that a contract-killing was taken out against Marais. Tom de Wet yesterday noted that the six (unidentified) black men on trial for corruption - four black police officers, one black ex-police officer and the brother of an ANC-MEC in the Free State legislature -- had shown up at the Marais farm dressed in police uniform, and attacked the family, holding them up at gunpoint. He and his wife Ina were first alerted by a ‘bird in the garden making very strange noises,’ they said. Only later did they realise that the four armed attackers were whistling like that to communicate with each other. The couple also were alerted by the fact that their little dog was jumping up and down and barking loudly near some bushes in the front garden. When he walked closer he saw a black man pointing a firearm at him – but Marais was faster, fired off a shot and ran behind a wall to hide – running smack-dab into three other gunmen who fled. His gun failed to fire at that point and he yelled at his wife to lock the front door while he rushed inside through the backdoor and immediately raised the alarm on the Marnet-farm-security radio networkNeighbours arrived within five minutes and other farmers also set up road-blocks, capturing the four armed suspects within half-an-hour about 2km from the homestead. Their firearms were ‘missing’ said Marais. Agri-Free State security chief Hennie Gerber said the farm-watch units had acted pro-actively by setting up road-blocks, as they also did in the attack a week earlier against Mrs Cecelia Steynberg, who had shot an attacker inside her bedroom before he could kill her. “If our security plan is in place and the cooperation is there, the suspects won’t get away”, Gerber said. SAPS sergeant Mmako Mophiring, confirmed that the four suspects – all from Gauteng province, were in the custody of the Falcons, the organised crime-unit and that their vehicle was confiscated. He has since then had to install thousands of Rands worth of security equipment, now has to pack a gun every day for self-protection as they are very likely still being earmarked as targets by contract-killers. It would be impossible for the family to join the witness-protection programme because of his business interests and his farm. His attorney Tom Bothma confirmed that Marais has lodged a civilian damages-law suit of more than R2,8million against the SAPS.

Newspapers first described the attacks as having been carried out by ‘bogus police officers.” Instead they turned out to be four on-duty cops, a former cop and the brother of a high-level ANC- provincial MEC. Free State police spokesman col. Motantsi Ma-khele said in reaction to the contract-killers’ attack on Marais that he had already called on the SAPS months ago to provide protection and security for besieged farmers like Marais – and that he was then accused of ‘suffering from paranoia’ by certain politicians. Jan van Niekerk, Freedom Front Plus member of the Free State legislature, was bitterly unhappy with the poor security provided for Marais. “The fact that various police officers are accused of corruption in a trial he has to testify at, as the star-witness, combined with the many threats against Marais’ life, are more than sufficient reason to provide him with 24/7 protection. All the available information indicates that the police are completely incapable of guaranteeing his safety. “As the main witness his life definitely is in danger and everything possible must be done to protect him.’ he said.

Correct. It started just before the world cup to "prove" (to the world) what a wonderful la la land we have - the problem is who do they see as the criminals when they are criminals themselves. Look at the Sutherland case - a police force task team of 85 men hunting down 2 Whites; where are they when a farm murder is committed ? The Sutherland case just shows how they fear armed Whites - they are sending out a message

Some footage of the army days; the music is done by a "Rock Against Communism" German band, not that anybody here would care ... sorry no sakie sakie

YouTube - SADF Tribute
Strategies For White Advocacy

Do not employ or accept the terms of your enemy
: Never pass up an opportunity to publicly hoist an anti-White activist by his own petard by vociferously condemning the use of any White racial slurs.

Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White : never shy from the slander of being called ‘racist’.
Destroy the credibility of the word ‘racist’ by confronting it directly and without fear. There are two options : point out that the accuser is using the modern-day equivalent of the word ‘heretic’ or simply explain that the word is only used to silence White people who are winning a debate. Shouting “heresy !” or “racist !” is an underhanded way to avoid difficult subjects, facts, or ideas. Using shaming language is an emotional appeal to crowd psychology that dodges any real analysis of the underlying arguments. Drain the potency of the word ‘racist’ to pave the way for public advocacy of White interests. Redirect the focus upon the accuser - “Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White.”

Do not exhibit warning signs
: Leave the swastikas at home. In a healthy White society, the swastika will be another symbol to study, admire, or criticize along with the rest of the ancient cultural symbols. The demonization of the ancient Aryan symbol, which most racially-aware White scholars know predates Adolf Hitler’s particular manifestation by thousands of years, is indeed unfortunate, ignorant, and rather silly. But publicly reclaiming the history behind the swastika must be put aside to tackle far more important matters - the existence and continuity of the White Race.

Avoid stereotypes
: The Jewish-dominated mainstream media has spent billions of dollars promoting a caricature of the very worst type of White racial advocate. A shaved head, multiple tattoos, ragtag clothing, and a penchant for militaristic adornments are some of the familiar attributes. The enemy exploits this phenomenon and likely cherry-picks White racial advocates for media appearances based on their lack of appeal to the broader masses. Successful White advocates must avoid these caricatures at all costs. Be an ambassador of the White Race, not a foil or scapegoat for the anti-White media.

Avoid the tripwires of massive propaganda
: There are some topics that should be avoided when dealing with potential converts to the ideas of White Nationalism. Foremost is Holocaust revisionism. Please understand the distinction - talking about the Holocaust is important and effective in other venues (when converted, the lies of the JewCast can be shown; its well documented) but it is absolutely disastrous to bring it up around the vast majority of Whites. Unfortunately, the proverbial man on the street - who might be persuaded to entertain radical new ideas about White dispossession - will be instantly repelled by discussions of the Holocaust.

There is a reason why reactions to Holocaust revisionism seem almost involuntary. It is because they are conditioned responses built upon years of carefully-constructed propaganda, backed by billions of dollars, and spread by many influential figures in the media, politics, and academia. Do not make the foolish mistake of trying to broach the subject with a potential recruit who still suffers under heavy demoralization. Another topic to be avoided in initial discussions is the defense of National Socialism. Again, please note that this is not an appeal to denigrate National Socialism or to strike it forever from rational discourse. This is merely a tactical suggestion to promote the spread of White identity and interests in the short term. It is far more productive to promote certain tenets of National Socialism without actually referring to the ideology by name. Staunch nationalism, ethnic pride, prioritization of the citizenry’s interests above money interests, and protections against foreign ethnic influence are easier to sell than explicit National Socialism. Furthermore, the term “Nazi” has been adopted by anti-Whites to demonize any shred of White identity, White pride, or White advocacy.

The only way that the word “Nazi” should enter into a conversation with potential recruits to White advocacy should be as a clever psychological maneuver to rob the word of its potency. Use this technique with caution : when describing a pro-White position - such as defending the existence of the White Race or opposing illegal immigration - ridicule the enemy by adding : “For merely defending our people against White genocide, these anti-Whites will try to label me a Nazi.” White interests are constantly tarred by the brush of National Socialism and this dishonest chicanery is a fine example of the planned dispossession of Whites.

With enough talking points and real-world examples about the anti-White realities of life in the world, even the most racially-unaware White person will begin to question the unsustainable tenets of multiculturalism and realize that White culture is designated for destruction under the master plan. Soon enough, the awakened White man might respond to an anti-White’s predictable ad hominem criticism of a pro-White position by saying, “In your opinion, I’m racist - you’re just saying that because I’m White. Anti-racism is just a code word for anti-White. You just want to silence White people by calling us silly names - that’s not going to work anymore.” Small victories can add up to significant breakthroughs.

Speak in the White voice to set the trend
: Explicitly advancing White interests is currently heresy. This taboo can be eroded over time by consistently ignoring it as if it does not exist. Brave White men and women must steadily chip away at this taboo so that White advocacy can reach mainstream legitimacy. Strangely enough, claims to European identity are accepted with less apprehension than claims to White identity, so take advantage of the disparity when needed. An important preliminary for future White advocacy is legitimizing and mainstreaming the fact that White people have interests to advance. Every White Nationalist can contribute to this long-term project by talking to friends, family, and associates in a manner that reminds the audience that they are part of a distinct group that must advance its interests if it is to survive.
courage comrade

In Europe, we are also in danger

I hope a new state Boers

Do not despair

Heil white brothers

one day, we will save you, i promise you white brothers !!!! Re: Fighting Back

a   hope the White Afrikaaners can form a paramilitary that rivals the government's... not for revolution, but.. it you can cut out a decent chunk of land for yourselves, and control the food -- then just sit back and wait for the government to collapse. It may be good to even encourage more immigration to quicken this process; than try the hopeless legal situation of election in SA.

A future struggle like this is where White warriors should be fighting... for our own people, the sandland of South Africa, not the sandland of Afghanistan.
Hail, from Canada! The Boers will have to use chemical weapons to win the war. They are so outnumbered. If they can deploy chemical weapons then the SA regular army will have to deal with the displacement of the civilian population instead of being able to crush the Boers. A force to harry and harass any units sent into the Boer lands and to target the ANC leadership would be good as well. They could probably expect any white leadership in the army to delay or disorganize the army response. So chemical weapons and also maybe a disruption of the power grid and the water supply could force a political settlement granting them a homeland in exchange for a cease fire. It would require massive casualties among the black civilian population but it is not impossible for the Boers to win. They can do it. I believe they will do it. No chemical weapons will have to be used to win a war. In fact the very actual reality is that the whites in SA hold virtually all the advantages aside from the numbers game. They have an ageing population, yes, but one full of ex-SADF vets that have seen military combat - something the blacks haven't got. Such vets in a time of crisis would be very useful in training a new army and assisting on the front lines. Also the new SADF is of very, very poor quality in terms of morale and training so combating the main military wouldn't be a problem for a well armed, well trained population. If anything, I could see many of the new SADF units abandoning their posts or fleeing in the heat of battle.

If anything, it'll be a more of a battle between whites and hordes of poor blacks from out of the townships. Another positive factor for the whites will be that the blacks will most likely turn on each other. The Xhosa and Zulu notoriously hate each other and more than likely would turn against each other in such a crisis.

Another thing I could predict and that would be foreign volunteers. During the original Boer Wars through to the Spanish Civil War and even the recent crisis in the Balkans, you always had a host of foreign volunteers that agreed to help each side. In the Boer Wars, the Boers had a variety of volunteers from Ireland all the way to Russia volunteering to fight for the Boer cause. In the SCW, you have the infamous 'Condor Legion' and in the Balkans, you had Greeks and other nationalities volunteering to fight for each side. Heck, even in the original Rhodesian Bush War, there were alot of foreign volunteers even from the U.S such as Thomas W Chittum and Harold Covington....

So in the case of an SA civil war, I'd expect volunteers from around the world to help out.

The whites in SA are also very similar, infact if not the same, to American whites. They've got that same 'pioneer' mentality and belief in right to bear arms. Its therefore a population that can more easily be mobilised in the time of a crisis - similar to Americans.

The only problems for the Afrikaners/Boers and other whites is two factors: Time and the number of blacks. The longer the time passes, the more the ex-SADF veterans will pass away with the population shrinking and blacks growing larger in numbers.

However, that said, I don't think its going to be too long to wait. I give SA at most this decade although I predict SA's troubles will start to envelop into full blown chaos when the rest of the world goes down the pan.

I think it will be pretty harsh but more than likely develop into a bush war, which I feel the whites will win due to knowing the terrain and being on more open footing numbers wise out in the open. Make no mistake, the battle for the cities will be lost (aside from Cape Town - the coloureds will probably side with the whites out of survival) but it'll be the rural areas where whites will dominate. The coloureds will try to side with the whites and we'll chase them. They'll try to side with the blacks and get killed. The Indians are quite notorious for backing the wrong horse... and this is yet another case of them... the Schaiks, Govindammy's and Gordans and Singhs and friends did their best to ingratiate themselves with the kaffers but believe me the radicals like Malema will not stand for a "koelie"... Malema intends for a totally "African" ANC with him at the helm... they see the koelies as pretend whites trying to grow rich off the coat trails of being "black" by law.

BUt the Indians will flee because in spite of the allegations to the contrary the Indians are really poor about violence.King is 100% correct... in fact I'll take it further... the Indians will try to side with blacks then change to whites..../ and then flee unless Malema does an Amin and orders them out in 48 hours agree with you on that Vry Burgher. I'll throw in another bone also. I predict in the case of a mass exodus of Indians, the Indian navy would get involved to offer evacuations and support. One good aspect about this would be Indian negativity towards the ANC and blacks in general. Unlike the Chinese, I doubt the Indians, if harm came to their own, would be that fussed on backing the blacks...

Oh yeah I was going to ask you Vry but what about the Chinese? My take is the Chinese will attempt to stay "neutral" but unofficially be selling weapons to both sides of the conflict. I doubt they'd fully support the blacks but they'd be against the whites also. In their case, I could see them making a profit out of the whole ideal. In 1956 when we took their reserved vote away they turned on us... Even now they would rather back the ANC than the white parties. Coloreds have a very strange culture. They have no idea where they fit in, but if it came to the Boere and the kaffers as a choice I'd see them split with more than 50% opting for the kaffers... The rest will AT MOST be DA (multiracial party lead by Jewish struggle journo turned white liberal politicians) but definitely no co-operation with whites. In the Orania district attempts by Orania to create outreach projects with the two towns (one coloured one black) in their district have been turned down with great viciousness by the coloreds and cautiously discussed with the blacks.The Chinese, one must always recall, have a long term view on events. When one realizes this then you can see why they simply allow NATO to bomb Libya while they will eventually benefit no matter who wins the conflict simply for staying out of it while NATO will now forever be hated by all of Libya... half for intervening and half for not intervening sufficiently.

If conflict breaks out here the Chinese will support the side most likely to be to their advantage... and as you say... depending on access to raw resources post war... they'll probably support both sides while openly adopting a neutral stance "remain inscrutable throughout"...

My MAIN fear in such conflict rather is America-Britain intervention on the side of the kaffers... because they are dumb enough to do that... when NATO decided to bomb Libya the correct Chinese / AU / Russian response should have been to land a regiment of troops in Tripoli with a battalion of air defence troops and a studied dry report saying the troops were there to provide assistance to their Libyan ally... I wait for the day when China surprisingly ups the ante like that in re the USA...

But my view on China is they will support us if we can provide them with something in return like access to raw resources. It would IMO be a deal with the devil agree with that. I could also see, should the Indians end up getting the kick by Malema, possible secret Indian support for the whites in terms of weapons and supplies. Of course, this wouldn't be without the consequences - the Indians also would want access to South Africa's resources in exchange. But if Malema beats up on the Indians, I couldn't see them, unlike China, be willing to back the blacks...

What do you think?

Russia also would probably get involved but like China, support both sides. But like China, it'd be under neutrality. can understand your fears but I very much doubt the U.S or Britain will get involved in a South African civil war. Reasons for this include:

1) The U.S and Britain are virtually bankrupt and already wasting billions on current pointless adventures.

2) The U.S and Britain are pretty much following NWO policy and focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. When Mugabe was kicking out the white farmers in Zimbabwe, they didn't do anything then. They weren't bothered. Put it this way, the U.S and Britain are more interested in gaining access to oil and controlling the Arab world on behalf of Israel then rushing into a South African dispute.

3) I think for such an event as a potential civil war to kick it, its only going to start when the blacks start attacking the whites and everyone else. Basically the whites won't make the first move, the blacks will. As a result, due to the widespread usage of the internet and the media, it'd be very hard to cover up such attacks on a large scale, causing public outcry in the West. The whites therefore in SA would have the right to defend themselves. The U.S and Britain therefore would be incredibly stupid to go and attack whites in SA after such an attack.

My prediction on the U.S and the UK is that both countries will just become goldfishes - mouthing out how all sides should sit down and talk and come to a peace agreement without doing anything. Quite simply - their main priority is the Middle East and nothing else.

China won't challenge the U.S until it has a strong navy and airforce to back it up with. They still have alot of outdated fighter planes and its navy, despite growing, is still in its infancy in terms of a blue water navy. The Chinese I'd say will need another decade to effectively challenge U.S naval supremacy....but considering how world events are heating up across the globe, a clash could come much sooner.

As for Russia - they cooperate with China but I think once Russia is in a better standing position, they'll eventually break off their "relationship" with China and start to assert their own hegemony again. An alliance so far of temporary convenience.
Using chemical weapons would be stupid for the following reason: It'd make the whites look incredibly bad and immediately kill off any foreign support they could otherwise enjoy. Only in that scenario could I see the U.S/UK using air strikes. But otherwise, why even use chemical weapons? The large numbers of blacks will die out in such a conflict due to disease and famine. Who's going to be supplying the food to them? Or the medicine? Basically the whites are going to horde their own food supplies whilst the blacks starveYou see, this is what I'm trying to get at. Germans have been taught "never again, never again, never again" for half a century now. However, imagine this. Imagine lets say Van Rensburg is correct. Imagine there's a mass killing in Johannesburg, days after Mandela is dead. Thousands are getting raped and murdered by angry blacks caught up in Malema's rhetoric.

Now think to yourself - what with the mass media being as it is, obviously such an event is going to be broadcast into people's homes, its going to be all over the media and youtube. Do you really think people are going to be cheering on the blacks? Do you really think Germans are going to be cheering on the deaths of innocent men, women and children?

If Germans have a "never again" stance on genocide, surely they or other countries couldn't stand by and allow such a huge massacre to take place? People would want action. It is therefore entirely probable that a German peacekeeping force could be dispatched to SA. The Germans aren't going to support the Boers/Afrikaners rising up and declaring their own state without legitimate reason. If thousands, as Van Rensburg predicts, are dying, then obviously no one could stand there and allow it to keep taking place. Before you mention Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, the majority of whites fled over a period of years that only so many were left to be taken out by Mugabe. Even then, the British media was all over it and British people wanted to know why British troops weren't in Zimbabwe but were in Iraq....

Nobody likes a full on genocide.
I agree with you on that. However Van Rensburg did talk of whites leaving, primarily those of British descent, on something called "the chicken run" in which they flee SA to Britain. That seems to be happening. However, this cheeses me off when you get South Africans on here saying how great Britain's infastructure is and how better it is over SA.

Excuse me? I've been to SA. I live in the UK. Where are these people going? Do they all live below the Watford Gap? In my neck of the woods and many areas throughout the UK, especially the ex-industrial heartlands of the North and Midlands, these areas make SA look RICH. When I was in Cape Town, I thought I was in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY over the crap I see here on a daily basis.

I know white Afrikaners that live a very good quality of life where as locals here live only several steps above the blacks in the townships, relegated to a life of benefit poverty and living on sink estates. When I was in Cape Town, aside from the town ships, all I saw was mansions. A far cry from the average northern council estate, thats for sure.

So once again, where are these people going?

As for revolution, Britain will be destroyed gradually, they'll be no revolution, you are correct on that.

Van Rensburg said it'd be a period of mourning for 9 days before the trouble would come. Imagine it - world economy is very bad, Mandela, the only thing holding the nation together passes away. Angry, unemployed blacks, living in poverty get stirred up by Julius Malema - gee you don't think their going to go on a rampage now that Mandela is out of the way? You've got people living in poverty in shacks - hey lets get back at whitey!

Makes sense to me.
Compared to Afrikaner or white South African families, Brits have it alot harder. So once again, I'd be amazed to see why these South African migrants think the UK is better over say Cape Town for exampleMost Afrikaners I spoke to knew of Van Rensburg and actually had "hope" in his prophecies. Now I know your not a fan and feel Van Rensburg holds back the Afrikaners. On the contrary though, the Van Rensburg prophecies are what probably are keeping a good majority of Afrikaners remaining in the country. It gives them hope that things will get better for Afrikaners. Without Van Rensburg, I feel more Afrikaners would have fled South Africa already.

I could be wrong with this but that is the impression I got when I was in SA. When times get grim, people need hope and Van Rensburg, whether you believe the prophecies or not, is giving people some kind of hope.

Another thing, when you talk about Van Rensburg holding back Afrikaners from doing anything, I don't agree with that. See, the problem is, Western Europeans will NOT initiate any first response. This dosen't just apply to the Afrikaners but also to the Americans, British, French, etc. Basically the blacks/Mexicans/Muslims are going to have to attack western Europeans before they start to fight back. Unlike in Greece where the population isn't as tolerant towards the new comers and will make the first move, western Europeans will not do anything until they feel severely under threat and attack. 1) The Germany of 2011 is experiencing more of a "nationalistic revival" with many Germans fed up of the costs of the EU, being blamed for the Nazis all the time and having to accept migrants that have no intention of "assimilating" into German society which is costing the country dearly in terms of welfare.

Seiner van Rensburg predicted the European Union would rise but then at the time of World War III, it would collapse with Germany playing a leading role on the continent.

Max Kaiser and other prominent commentaries have said Germany isn't struggling economically wise as is Britain and America and is, behind China, the second largest economy on the planet.

So we've got in reality a Germany fed up of the expenses of the Eurozone (having to bailout Greece, Ireland, etc), a Germany fed up of immigration and a Germany that is more economically stronger then the U.S/UK.

So we can say Seiner has that one in the bag. Its only a matter of time before the EU collapses with Germany coming to the front as the strongest economy of Western Europe.

Also on Alex Jones the other day (forgot who it was now) but this person said Germany was rebuilding its forces in fears of future conflicts on European soil.

Seiner said that a terrorist called "The Turk" or something would try to launch a terrorist attack in Europe, possibly Germany, but they are rubbed out by the Germans. He said "evil white Englishmen" will be behind this plot but it will fail. Then it will bring in a Russian led invasion through Turkey starting World War III.

Vry Burgher, the Germans have been slowly moving away from the dominated Anglo-American New World Order. When the UN and NATO decided to go in and bomb Libya a few months ago, Germany was one of the nations that refused to go along with it and pulled out immediately.

This is what I predict will happen and it goes along Van Rensburg's prediction:

The NWO will try to launch a false flag operation against Germany in order to get Germany fully involved with its campaigns for the Middle East. It ends up failing and somehow brings in Russia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization against the NWO west. Possibly there could be an attack against Iran or Pakistan which brings in the SCO.

You also have to remember Europe is facing a huge immigration crisis in regards to the recent "Arab Spring". Its very conceivable Al-Qaeda operatives are going to try and migrate to Europe in this great confusion. Since the NWO controls Al-Qaeda, hence we could be seeing a possible FF in Europe at some point.

Now in regards to SA, look whats happened recently. SA has joined the "BRIC" clique which is made up of Russia, China, Brazil and India. More than likely the ANC will be working with BRIC and the SCO. The Afrikaners and the whites not so. So when the ANC/blacks go to war against the whites, the BRIC/SCO groupings will quietly support it, especially the Chinese that want dominance in Africa.

It is therefore quite logical to see Germany supporting the Afrikaners in order to prevent a massacre and not lose out economically wise to the Chinese. Lots of minerals and other valuable resources in Africa.

Van Rensburg does describe that the UK will be utterly destroyed in World War III. I believe him. Guess what? The UK is actually the SEAT of the Anglo-American New World Order. The City of London is pretty much host to its leadership. If I was a Russian that wanted to destroy the system, I'd target the UK.

He also talks about the U.S and the UK being utterly bankrupt and full of debts before World War III. Well, guess what? The U.S and UK IS bankrupt and full of debts and there is no way for the current system to sustain itself without going to war. Even Gerald Celente has stated that we will be facing the "Great War of our times" very soon. Its happening.

You also forget something extremely important. Nelson Mandela is very weak and won't be on this Earth for much longer. Possibly he could die in 2011 or 2012. What with the rise of Julius Malema, angry poor blacks living in townships and a world economy in turmoil, there is bound to be future violence in South Africa that coincides with world events.

Look up Van Rensburg's prophecies and tie them in with what is happening in the world today. Both the prophecies and today's events show a startling similarity. He even predicted "Japan would be destroyed by earthquakes". I saw this prediction last year when I first started getting into Van Rensburg and though he must be referencing to the atomic bombs used in the Second World War.

The earthquakes that hit Japan in March have pretty much destroyed Japan economically wise for a generation. The Japanese have an aging population with radiation leaks still pouring out of Fukushima and the disaster being the East Asian version of Chernobyl. Tokyo is suffering black outs and more earthquakes are on the way.








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